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Hot Perforation Machines

Tambula manufactures hot perforation machines with a range of techniques suitable for a wide range of materials. Machines can be built for working widths of up to 4 meters.

Spiked roller

  • Normally mounted above the backing role for easy cleaning and maintenance

Backing role

  • brush rollers for large penetration depths and large holes
  • rubber rollers for micro perforation and big pressures

Heat transfer types

Outside infrared heating

  • inexpensive
  • simple
  • Effective heating of needle points
  • moderate heat supply
  • difficult measurement and control
  • fire danger because of exposed thermal source (≥ 650°C)

Inner electric heating

  • high heat input
  • cost effective
  • no moving parts with Tambula system, no maintenance necessary
  • no fire danger
  • high efficiency
  • thermal distance until needle points are heated
  • difficult control because of potentially big hysteresis and irregularities

Inner heating by heat transfer oil

  • good control characteristics, low risk of overheating
  • useful for sensitive material needing precise control of temperature
  • high costs
  • rotary feedthrough wears out
  • risk of leakage
  • careful maintenance needed
  • low efficiency


For best control performance Tambula uses only servo geared motors. The reference rotation speed can be provided by a central control system as an analog value or via bus. The speed can optionally be captured by a sensor on a deviating shaft.

Depth control

The backing role can be lifted pneumatically or hydraulically, dependent on the pressure needed. The limit stops can be adjusted for variable perforation depths.

Temperature control

The temperature of perforation is generally captured on the surface of the perforation roller. With electric heating, segments of the roller can be controlled seperately to compensate faster cooling of the marginal segments.


  • The perforation roller is shielded while threading
  • A safety control monitors all doors and the roller shield, threading of the material is safely possible while the roller is hot
  • With electrical heatings all heating segments can be controlled and monitored seperately

Easy operation

  • Spiked roller is easily reachable from above


  • Adjustment of penetration depths via servo motors
  • Length compensation for constant web tension
  • Torque controlled draw roll for use with densely spiked rollers and thick materials
  • Complete surface temperature monitoring
  • Remote control
  • Touch screen for easy operation
  • Machine unit on wheels for easy relocation

We engineer complete machines for micro perforation of foil, paper, foam rubber or metal. Manifold materials can be processed at high speeds with our cold or hot perforation machines.

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Hot perforation unit HPU2

Hot perforation machine for perforation of nonwovens

  • Working width 2700mm
  • Inner heating by heat transfer oil via rotary feedthrough
  • Pneumatically moved backing roll
  • Touch screen for all settings and recipe management
  • Manual depth adjustment

European model

Hot perforation unit HPU2


Hot perforation unit for perforation of special material like synthetic leather and foils up to 350°C

  • Outside infrared heating
  • Pneumatically moved backing roll
  • Depth adjustment via servo motor
  • Touch screen for all settings and recipe management
  • Torque controlled draw roll with servo motor
  • With wheels, completely pluggable for easy relocation

European model

Hot perforation unit HPU3 Hot perforation unit HPU3 Hot perforation unit HPU3


Hot perforation unit for perforation of special materials up to 350°C

  • Inner electrical heating
  • pneumatically moved backing roll
  • Manual depth adjustment via central hand wheel and digital display

Model for USA

Hot perforation unit HPU4 Hot perforation unit HPU4