Tambula GmbH


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Lags and spiked rollers are the two main topics of the Tambula production program. The lags are mainly used for tearing and opening machines and usually consist of pinned laminated wood or aluminium segments.

The spiked rollers consist of brass cylinders which are pinned with steel pins. Contrary to the pinning of the lags it concerns a fine pinning which is carried out very precisely.

Tambula GmbH is an affiliated company of Georg Koinzer GmbH & Co. KG. Tambula is situated in its rooms and uses the infrastructure and the administration. This means lower costs so that a still small company is able to work economically. Since state-of-the-art CNC machines and machining centres are used highest precision is reached.

Tambula was founded by Mr. Schmidtgen in Starnberg in 1945. The company worked there, last with Mr. Meier as company head, being a specialist for lags. In the year 1995 the company was taken over by the Koinzer family and it was integrated in the production rooms of Georg Koinzer GmbH & Co. KG. Since 1999 spiked rollers have been produced in a new department by specialists who have been additionally taken on.

In the centre of Germany and very convenient as far as public transportation goes you always reach Tambula GmbH quickly. We will supply your material promptly and we are looking forward to your visit. However we are pleased to come to you if a personal consultation is necessary.