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Welcome to the internet pages of Tambula GmbH

Nadelwalzen benadelte Bretter We produce pinned parts in manifold forms and versions:

  • Spiked rollers for the perforation of foils
  • Spiked rollers for microperforation, e. g. ventilation
  • Spiked rollers for the transport in textile or wood processing machines
  • Spiked rollers for the processing of any kind of material
  • Embossing rollers for the production of embossed foils or non-woven fabrics
  • Hot perforation rollers for foil or non-woven fabric
  • Spiked rollers with a diameter of 20 to 400 mm and a length of 5 to 5000 mm
  • Pinned lags of laminated wood or aluminium for the opening and tearing of fibres
  • Standard perforation device
  • Most of the parts are produced according to the customers' requirements!